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Your task is to defend a hill from enemy paratroopers, tanks, trucks and ships. Day and night kill all the enemy soldiers and destroy all the tanks and don't let them get passed you. In the Darkness use your flare pistol (Optional) Stop the enemy resupply convoys and hold back the invasion. Armed with a standard issue M16, land mines, Grenade Launcher and optionally the powerful AT4 Anti-Tank rocket launcher, M60 and Sniper rifle. Stop the invasion and rise in the ranks all the way to 4 star general. Watch out for incoming tank shells and ship launched artillery shells. Do not let the paratroopers get too close otherwise they can throw hand grenades. Enemy ships can fire either single shots or devastating barrages, watch out for the destroyer as it can fire staccato barrages. Armoury:- Land mines to deploy against tanks and paratroopers. 32 round 5.56mm M16 rifle. Rifle mounted grenade launcher. AT4 Anti-Tank rocket launcher (Optional). The grenade launcher can still destroy tanks, but it takes 2x as many hits as the AT4. Don't let too many Tanks escape past you otherwise its game over! Full Frontal Assault is a fast paced adrenalin pumping 3D shooter especially designed for the Mac. Features of Full Frontal Assault Realtime 3d graphics Varied types of enemy tanks and ships. Particle effects Optional Items:- Land mines!! Deploy mines to stop those tanks. Also good against paratroopers. Health Drops, call for a health drop, make sure you shoot the crate for your health recharge. High-score table,Rank system, rise from private to the rank of 4 star General. What's New in this Version:- Download now for a major update. *New rebalanced levels, Better missions. *Day & Night cycle makes for some challenging battles. *Pause button, Flare gun *Lots of other fixes including an alternate control method.