Fun Bubbles

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#1 Bubble App in the Mac App Store! Fun Bubbles was created to entertain our toddler. He enjoys having an app of his own. He likes playing so much, one of his first words was Bubbles! It is not just for kids, adults will love it too! Help your child develop their fine motor skills. √ Click to Create a Bubble! √ Click again to Pop the Bubble! √ Click and Drag to make a lot of Bubbles! √ Click and Hold for Big Bubbles! √ Select Your Bubble Color! √ Watch the Bubsplosions! √ Listen to the Bubbles Pop! √ Set your Bubble Speed! Bubble Colors: Bubble Colors: ◦ Red ◦ Blue ◦ Cyan ◦ Pink ◦ Green ◦ Yellow ◦ Purple ◦ Orange ◦ Dark Green ◦ Gold ◦ Brown ◦ White ◦ Random Colors Keyboard Commands: Space - Pop All Bubbles M - toggle sounds A - Auto Bubbles H - Home ? - Help Follow us for updates and make suggestions on Twitter: @TFWorld