Fun Clock for Kids – Learn to tell time

OS X 10.8
Mingoville Fun Clock is a fun and safe educational game that will teach your kid to tell time. "This is best app for learning to tell time that we've ever seen by far the at Famigo." ( This App is not like any other “telling time apps”. Apart from teaching your child to practice by doing exercises, Fun Clock also contains storytelling, explaining how the clock works and it includes funny animations. Fun Clock app will teach your kid to tell time in a funny way by playing the game with great animations and great sound effects. --- FEATURES --- • Animated characters talk about the clock – Explaining how does the big hand work and how does the small hand work • Animated movie shows the relationship between the analogue clock and the digital clock • Real voice actors recorded on more than 1000 audio files • Four levels to unlock – Hours, half hours, quarters and minutes • Certificate – kid earns certificate if all levels are completed. Certificate can be mailed or shared to others • Great graphics • Many hours fun and educational time • Mute function for background sounds --- THE GAME INCLUDES --- • Building your own clock • Talking clock • Move the hands to tell time • Choose the right clock to make the bus to depart • Move the numbers to the right position on the clock Fun Clock is created by the award winning educational company Mingoville. Many millions of kids around the world have already benefited from educational games by Mingoville. Kids have learned English, Math and now telling the time.