Funnel: Organize Your Photos and Videos

OS X 10.8
Funnel helps you organize your photos and movies so you can have peace of mind. Simply add folders or files to Funnel, it will rename, sort, and organize them into a single location. It ensures you have a single copy of each image or video. Not sure if you have already backed something up? Add it anyway. If the file already exists, Funnel won’t import it again. Funnel was designed to help people without an organized file system get organized easily. Do you backup your camera to random folders on your desktop? Not exactly sure where your backed up photos and videos are located? Are you not sure what you have backed up and what you don’t? Funnel is for you. Drag and drop anything and everything onto Funnel and it will find the photos and videos amongst the other files and organize them into a nice, tidy destination folder. Funnel won’t delete anything without your explicit permission. Even with your permission it will only delete source items that have already been backed up into the Funnel destination folder. Funnel doesn’t use any proprietary database system. It just creates a clean folder/file based backup of the actual images and videos. They are named by year, month, date, and resolution or duration. Configuration is a simple. Use the default folder created on your first run, or pick the location you want. Then choose the kinds of files you want imported. That is it. Start adding files. Funnel supports all major image and video types including RAW. Further, it tries to keep sidecar files with their main files. (e.g. if you import a RAW image and it has an associated Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) it will be imported as well) We currently support the following sidecar files: aae, dng, wav, lrv, thm, and xmp.