Funny puzzles for kids

OS X 10.9.0
Play! Learn! Make progress! Puzzles are the best educational game, according to parents! We made funny puzzles for kids! We introduce amazing application consisting of 18 themes. Together with hilarious character, your kid will go to a walking tour, museum, park, space, sea and other locations. This funny game for the littlest kids is voiced by professional voice talents. We play and develop kids’ logical thinking, develop vocabulary. Funny Puzzles is intended for kids above 2 years old. Game themes are selected in such way for a preschooler to learn how to group objects. Playing Funny Puzzles, a kid will learn simple words in English and Russian and then surprise you with interesting lexis. There is intuitive navigation in Funny Puzzles. We know you choose the best for your kids! Thank you for choosing our games! Please also pay attention to our other educational applications! We are happy to help your kid to learn letters, figures, colors and geometric figures in a funny way! Thank you for your kind feedbacks! If you have any comments, please send an email to, and we definitely will reply you! We are open to all your wishes. Please write your proposals to