Game Maker Railway Model

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Game Maker Railway Model - Considers being a stationmaster - Considers being a train conductor - Considers being a train driver Manage their behaviours and brings trains to their destination, care about clashes! - This Is The Game - Must download if you like train and railway model world! This is just the beginning!!! Now.. - You can create, save and play with your own rail track - You view download rail tracks made by other player in the world - Publish you track, everybody can see it in the world, even in a dedicated web-site Very powerful station panel control, where you can : - Interact with all rail interchange - View all trains positions - Change, based on current selected train, change speed, camera view etc… - The player can also interact with rail interchange directly on railway while trains moves Some main features: - Rail Crossing - Rail Interchanges - Railway Bridge - Railway Bridge Cross - Road / Rail Crossing - Stationmaster panel control - Rail Interchanges real-time changing direct on gear or by stationmaster panel - Real-time view trains position on stationmaster panel - Train stop on station - Train Anti collision system - 4 trains models - Up to 4 wagons, railroad cars, carriages etc