Games for baby

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Put your hand forward and touch the screen and see it come to life… an unimportant gesture for an adult, but a major discovery for your little one! Generation 5, an editor specialising in educational software has an application for babies 12 - 36 months, which will give your child an amazing sensory experience! Sight, touch, hearing & speech, all Baby’s senses will be used over the application’s eight activities. Your child’s friend, the cunning bird, will help him / her during these fun games! What’s the aim? To develop the main cognitive skills, such as: •a sense of observation in Hide & Seek or Where is Mum ? •dexterity and spatial recognition in Catch Me and Let’s Get on the Train •concentration and hearing skills when your child becomes the Conductor of the Orchestra •recognizing parts of the body in the Doctor game •Curiosity and logic in the Gardening game To sum up, Games for Baby is a great early-learning tool that will provide hours of fun with Mum & Dad!