Games To Learn English

OS X 10.8
Learn ENGLISH the easy way, with Games To Learn English. very fun while doing it! --------- 11 GAMES IN 1 -------------- A perfect learning App for kids, children, babies, toddlers, infants and adults alike. Learn vocabulary, spelling and alphabet, test your skills with quiz and memory puzzle and pick up new words with the flash cards.... **** 11 Different games: - Fast Hands: Learn English vocabulary items in a fun way. - Speed Balls: Practice matching images and pictures with English vocabulary. - Grammar Bubbles: Practice English grammar in a fun way. - Falling Clouds: Fun with English sentence order. - Hangman: A version of the classic game for practicing vocabulary spelling. - Spelling Bee: A game to practice English spelling for vocabulary items. - Concentration: Match English words and pictures. - Slow Click: A game to practice English. - Big Describer: Practice English language descriptions for vocabulary items. - Desert Drag: A game to practice English vocabulary. - Compare: Practice making comparative sentences in English. **** The game includes 21 learning modes: stationery, personal, food 1, animal 1, body 1, clothes 1, letters, furniture, computer, transport, food 2, animals 2, body 2, clothes 2, kitchen, sports, traffic, jobs, garden, verbs 1, adjectives, nature, nature, animal parts, hospital, postions.