Gappy’s First Words

OS X 10.6
Give them the building blocks of reading with the interactive app that teaches your little reader more than 200 different words. New from the makers of AlphaTots, Gappy's First Words is the perfect adventure for pint-sized learners just beginning to read. From dusty deserts to distant planets, Gappy has wandered far from home, and it's their job to help him make it back, spelling words to span the gaps along the way. There are four different worlds for young players to explore, and with each one they conquer, they'll earn the parts they need to redesign Gappy's house. From a cozy cabin, to a mushroom house, to a castle with a gingerbread roof, there are over 700 creative combinations they can make in the game designed to give your little reader a big head start on the books they'll love for life. Have fun learning: Gappy's First Words helps children learn over 200 three-letter words and the sounds associated with their letters. Features: • 211 three-letter words for kids to learn, including 174 basic CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) and 37 common sight words. • Nine different house themes with six different parts, allowing kids to make 720 different combinations that keep them engaged while they learn. • Four game levels that help children progress from basic letter identification to spelling words all on their own. • The ability to switch cases, helping children learn capital and lowercase letters. • Selectable word groupings that help players learn at their own pace, whether they're ready for easy words, harder words or sight words • A teaching keypad with the name and sound for every letter. • Fun music and playful graphics that keep young players engaged in the game. • Retina graphics support for high-resolution images that look great on your screen. Why you'll love it: Goal-Based Learning: Un-lockable prizes keep kids coming back for more. And with 54 individual pieces to unlock, they'll learn every word before their adventure is complete. Gender-Neutral Design: With nine different house themes, there's something for every kid to love whether it's a rugged log cabin, a gingerbread house or a home made out of hearts. Natural Learning Progression: With Gappy's First Words, the action progresses from identifying letters to spelling words with one, two or all three letters missing, challenging minds as they learn. Our Child-Safety Pledge. At Spinlight Studio, we're committed to child-safety and providing parents with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. To learn more about our privacy policy, follow the link above, or visit for a detailed list of the safety features included in every Spinlight app. Gappy's First Words contains: * No third-party ads * No social network links * No easy web access * No in-app purchases