Gear Jack

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Help Jack escaping from the W.Hale, the first fully automated starship created by the humans, that was hit by a huge electromagnetic showckave and that is now slowly floating toward a black hole! The entire robotic crew has gone crazy, and Jack is the only one that can save the ship from being destroyed! But it will not be easy! GAMEPLAY Gear Jack is a new and addictive Slide & Jump with a unique and cool visual style! Beat 30 dangerous levels, avoid lethal traps and perform awesome tricks! Progressing in the game you can customize Jack's attributes using the garage, adapting your play style to the level! FEATURES Slide & Jump / Auto-Runner Unique and cool visual style. Awesome tricks system with more than 30 unique animations Difficult or Casual (with checkpoints) gameplay. 30 unique levels. Various types of traps that require the player interaction. Character garage with attributes customization, adapt the character to your play style and to the levels. Random trap generation after you’ve beaten the game, for endless replay value!