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German Dictionary Pro is a German-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words, Deutsch pronunciation, translating sentences and memorizing words. When you are learning Deutsch or learning English as German, communication with German or traveling in Germany, German Dictionary Pro can help you a lot. Features: -Using our extensive language database which contains more than 150000 words and phrases. -Support looking up words offline for more complete understanding. -Support Deutsch pronunciation,we have the speech module that can speak german words or sentences fluently. -Add new word to wordlist in "Memory" panel to memory new word or remove it. -Translate words and sentences from English to German and vice versa can select the source and destination languages, enter the expression you want to look up or paste from clipboard. -Increase or decrease the degree you have mastered the word selected in wordlist. -Support undo and redo operation. -Support zooming the text in or out.