Get Moving – helps you prevent RSI

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5 minutes Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time can have a very negative impact on your health. Proper ergonomics and regular breaks are very important if you want to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury). Get Moving will motivate you to sit less, stand more and take a break whenever you have been inactive for too long. You can start out by taking a 5 minute break at least once every hour. Simply start the timer and get moving when you hear the sound. Desk job To start the inactivity timer simply click start, Get Moving takes care of the rest. When the timer hits zero you will get a reminder to take a break. Why not hit the treadmill, go for a walk around the office or at the very least take some time to stretch your muscles. Having too much fun? The countdown clock will let you know when it is time to resume your work. Standing while you work To avoid prolonged periods of inactivity you can try alternating between sitting and standing. This is where the standing timer comes in handy. If you are new to the concept of standing while working just set yourself a goal of a few minutes and then gradually increase. Get Moving will let you know how awesome you are. 7 days statistics To motivate you even further you will also be able to compare your inactivity and standing data over the last 7 days to see how you have improved throughout the week. Alert sound Default alert chime or your own tune, you choose. If you select your favourite song from your own music library you might even be motivated to start dancing during your next break.