Get The Cake!

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Get The Cake! is a funny, retro styled 2D side scrolling puzzle platform game straight from Sharadise! Use the power of CAKE to roll and fly your way through the world. Find those surprising little secrets which are hidden here and there. Get enough cakes, 'cause flying eats up cakes, and go for the cookies to get the highest score possible. This game includes tutorial levels which you can play again, and again, and again, until you are ready for the *real* levels... We confess, some levels are a bit difficult, but then there are also alternative, easier versions for not-so-experienced players. Remember: The more you fail, the better you get. And there are always rewards for completing the hardest levels! - Sometimes backtracking brings you forward, but most of the time it just brings you back. - Sometimes buttons open blockers, but also close something. Just as a warning. - Sometimes the exit is so close, and yet you can't reach it... - Sometimes you have to be quick - and for some things you just need to take it slowly. You will also find answers to interesting questions like: What is round at the top and flat at the bottom? Find the Treasure Chamber, enter the ShAkEr BrEaKeR and gather together all your guts for the Realm of R. And... NEVER be confused. Enjoy 14 levels with funny challenges! You can use the W/A/D or the arrow keys to move -- just as you prefer. Press R to restart the current level if you messed-up. Keys can be reassigned. With savegame system to preserve your well-earned progress. What you can always expect from Sharadise games: No enemies, no violence, no lives to lose. No one will be spiked in our games or die by other means. We abhor such widespread "adventure" game elements. No race against the clock. We love what we are doing here at Sharadise. "This game plays ironically with the subject Jump & Run Games." No age restriction. This game is suitable for all ages. All our games are complete -- no in-app purchases, no in-game advertisement. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to send us your thoughts at If you're interested in updates or new games you can follow us on Twitter @SharadiseGames (