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Turn your MPEG-4 movies into sleek animated GIF's in no time. GIF'ted will analyze your source movie's colors to make the best looking GIF's ever. Or use a classic palette, for example from Gameboy or SNES, for wacky and fun results. You can also trim and crop the output GIF to fit your needs. Main features: - Create beautiful animated GIF's from your MPEG-4 movies, (mp4, m4v, mov). - Adaptive 8-bit color palette export for the smoothest result. - Set the maximum number of palette colors to opimize file size. - Pre-defined classic palettes, like Gameboy and SNES, for wacky output results. - Trim beginning and end of time. - Crop from several presets and in freeform. - Supports looping or non-looping output. - Share the output GIF directly from the export sheet. - Works great with High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan. - Written in Swift 4 for the snappiest feeling. If you find a bug or need support just use the built-in Feedback feature in the app. PS! The free version works like the paid version but it will render a watermark on the exported GIF.