Gladius X

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⊱ Winner of the WWDC17 Scholarship by Apple ⊱ Special Launch offer! For a limited time the app will be available at a special 0.99$, with a 33% discount! Gladius X is the ultimate retro arcade game for macOS! Play with a Roman Gladiator and lead him to the victory in battle, use power-ups* to improve your performance and share your score on the global platform Game Center. Gladius X offers a wide variety of features, including: ⊱ Fantastic graphics: Gladius X features a custom 8-bit pixel art graphics system, with a performance capable of delivering the best experience. The player and enemy sprites are fully animated, from the movements to their destruction, to give the best user experience ever. ⊱ AI-controlled game: Gladius X features a fully automated AI that controls the actions and movements of the enemies onscreen, making them spawn at a growing rate and act without any user input. ⊱ Great sounds: the game experienced is enriched with a retro 8-bit background music and 8-bit sound effects, which provide an even more immersive experience. ⊱ Custom store: Improve your character's performance in battle with a curated list of power ups, available in the app's store. *Power ups are available to purchase either with virtual currency or as in-app purchases.