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A brand new application for viewing PFD files on your Mac computer. What sets it apart from other application of this type is transparency. You can make it transparent as much as you want to see other windows that are opened below it. Thus you don’t have to switch all windows back and forth and instead concentrate on writing a note. Another great feature is possibility to set Glassy PDF to be alway on top of other windows. So even if you are switching other windows your current PDF will stay on top. This depending on your needs can be very useful however there is always a possibility to turn it off. Main features: - possibility to set a level of transparency to see windows below - option to set a PDF file to be always on top of other windows even when you are switching between them Terms of use & privacy policy: If you have any suggestions how to improve this app please contact us using this mail address: If you like it please rate it on App Store, thanks!!