Glimpses – Still Motion Videos

OS X 10.10
Your Photos. Your Music. Your Story. Tell your story in a fun, novel way with Glimpses and turn your photos into stunning Still Motion videos. Glimpses has been previously featured on the Mac App Store as a "Best New App". In Still Motion videos, photos are typically shown for not much longer than the fraction of a second. Glimpses lets you create these videos in a matter of seconds. - Import your photos from your Photos library, hard drive, Flickr or Instagram. - Arrange your photos manually, by date or color for a nice gradient effect. - Make your video sing by importing a soundtrack. - Select the parts of the soundtrack you like. - Glimpses then turns your photos into a high-quality video with a resolution of up to 4K. + Face Detection Glimpses analyses your photos for faces and then places the photos accordingly in your video as to not lose any important details. + Soundtrack Selection You can add as many songs to your video and reorder them as you like. Glimpses features an easy-to-use sound wave that lets you select the part of a song you like. + Auto-Fade If your soundtrack is too long, Glimpses fades out your soundtrack automatically at the end + Auto-Timing Let Glimpses choose the duration for your photos based on the duration of your soundtrack. + Automatic Resolution Glimpses can automatically detect the perfect resolution for your video based on the smallest photo. Of course, you can also choose to select a resolution yourself - from 240p to 4K. Here's what customers say about Glimpses: "It's fun and simple to use." - KrisMuse, US App Store "Fast and minimalistic" - bananelamponi, Italian App Store "Impressive. A whole world of possibilities." - Yet Another Unique Nickname, UK App Store Here's what the press says about Glimpses: "A competent movie app for creating still motion videos." - Christopher Phin, MacFormat Print Magazine "I really love this little app. It doesn't try to do too much" - James Dempsey, "Glimpses does what it says on the tin. The audio editing tool is pretty nice" - Dave Caolo, If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to write me by mail at, or on twitter @GlimpsesApp or @eternalstorms. Thank you.