Gold Miner 8bit HD

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Gold miner 8-bit edition brings the old-time back in new revolution. The game features as same as the classic version but higher resolution graphic and effect. Game have so many characters, items and maps to explorer. Key features: - Character upgrade - Multiple map - Store - Boost up item Game was designed for every one and focus on graphic and sound effect. This game will help you relax in 8-bit style, that is very beautiful GOLD MINER IN 8BIT Tag:dao vang,đào vàng, dao vang co dien,đào vàng cổ điển, dao vang 8bit, goldminer, gold miner,dao vang, delux, dulux, dao vang HD, goldminer, gold miner,goldminer classic, goldminer hd, gold miner hd, gold miner 8bit,gold digger