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Good Timer is the simple, beautiful, and reliable countdown timer app that's designed to look right at home on your Mac. If you want a stopwatch instead of a countdown timer then see the companion app Good Stopwatch. Features • The window is resizable and the layout looks great at any size • Controls disappear out of the way when you don't need them and then reappear when you move your pointer over the window • Keyboard controls: 'S' to start or stop, and 'R' to reset • Full screen mode, and you can click the background to hide the controls and pointer and use the keyboard controls for a completely clean look suitable for presenting to other people • Choose whether the smallest time unit shown is seconds or hundredths of a second • An option to make the window float on top of other windows so it's always visible • When the window is minimized the thumbnail icon in your Dock continues to update every second • Create as many windows as you like to time multiple things simultaneously • The timer durations you've used recently are saved in the menu and easily re-used • The app can optionally show a notification when the timer completes with a reset button that stops the alarm • Options to have the alarm sound play repeatedly, just once, or not at all • Enter your desired time easily just by typing, with intuitive shortcuts. For example, "5" means 5 minutes, ":30" means 30 seconds, and "2h" means 2 hours If you have any problems, questions, bug reports, or feature requests please email I aim to answer all support emails in one working day or less.