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** special introductory price ** GraphicArtist is an HTML5 based CG (Computer Graphics) engine which outputs fill and key via BlackMagic Design SDI interfaces or via the NDI IP Video protocol. Using easy to make HTML based templates created with a variety of authoring tools, GraphicArtist introduces new workflows for self-aware and intelligent CG templates which can reach out of the page and fetch data to display. Javascript based behaviours allow data to be intelligently formatted delivering rich, dynamic and intelligent CGs. The most powerful aspect of GraphicArtist is the HTML/Javascript template system which allows you to build templates just as you would a WebApp to display dynamic content such as live sports scoring, or social media updates. Often these types of template are complex or impossible using traditional (non HTML based) CG systems. The NDI protocol allows IP Video output from GraphicArtist to flow directly into popular vision mixers such as NewTek TriCaster, VMix, OBS, BroadcastPix and others. Using the SDI Fill and Key output, GraphicArtist can be used with traditional switchers and keyers such as BlackMagic Design ATEM devices. Note: GraphicArtist is a CG player engine. It is NOT an authoring system so you will need to create your HTML templates in other systems. A few example templates are provided. Demo version available at: