Graphics Lab for MS Office – Templates Bundle

OS X 10.11
Liven up your work! Graphics for MS Office is a generous selection of hundreds of designs and illustrations to lift your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to a completely new level design-wise! It includes everything: backgrounds and patterns for your documents and slideshows, individual characters and bullets to make outstanding titles and highlights for your texts, frames to stylize pictures within, or hundreds of shapes depicting various objects, items, signs - you name it, it’s here! Graphics for MS Office makes it easier than ever to make your work outstanding and unique. All images in Graphics for MS Office have transparent backgrounds, which allows easily placing them on or among other objects, or conveniently wrapping text around them. Applying these objects is as simple as copying and pasting or dragging and dropping! Every item inside allows a certain level of customization, so you can tailor them to your particular needs from changing colors to customizing tint, brightness, and other parameters, or edit fill and opacity of included patterns. Graphics for MS Office is designed to be used with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word applications, but objects and images can also be adapted for Excel, and other applications. *** Requires Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 or later.