Gray’s Anatomy HD for Students

OS X 10.7
Based on the phenomenal artwork found in the 3rd edition of Gray's Anatomy for Students, this set of 1000 images is the perfect review companion to help you test your anatomical knowledge for course exams or the USMLE Step 1! It's portable, it's concise, it's simply the best way to study anatomy... ! Conveniently access all of the need-to-know anatomy information! Features: - Text to speed - feature zoom to view detail image using touch pad - auto focus to search box) - add feature using key pad - command + B add bookmark to image - command + F add image to favorite - 1200 beautiful anatomy plates that capture the human body's finest details - All illustrations had descriptions. - Browse by Systems and Regions - Simple, Easy Interface - Search by Description texts - All data on a single Download - It is not necessary to be connect to the internet We recommend this app for Doctors, Nurses, Students, Teachers and anyone who is interested in the wonder and complexity of the human body. * Note: this application was not written by McDreamy and the illustrations in no way resemble any characters from the television show Grey's Anatomy. Copyright belongs duylkinc