GRE Math – Geometry Review

OS X 10.8
Prepare to achieve the GRE scores you need to get into the school of your choice. Get ready for the test day with this most comprehensive app on GRE Math : Geometry Review. Features include: * HIGHEST QUALITY and QUANTITY Over 230 questions and 23 revision notes in all just for Geometry Review. High quality content written by experienced GRE tutors. * MOCK TEST Mixed questions from all topics. * INSTANT FEEDBACK Know instantly if your answer was right or wrong. * REVIEW WITH EXPLANATION Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question. * PROGRESS METER With our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%. * REVISE BY TOPIC 1. Points, Lines, Angles Angles Around a Point Complementary and Supplementary Angles Alternate Interior Angles Consecutive Interior Angles Corresponding Angles 2. Triangles Triangles 1 Triangles 2 Pythagoras' Theorem Pythagoras' Theorem in Real Life Congruent Triangles Similar Triangles 3. Areas & Perimeters Area & Perimeter - Rectangles Area & Perimeter - Triangles Area & Perimeter - Parallelograms Area & Perimeter - Trapezoids 4. Quadrilaterals, Polygons & Circles Parallelograms Regular Polygons Parts of a Circle Circumference of a Circle Area of a Circle Circle Geometry 5. Miscellaneous 3D Geometry Miscellaneous Geometry Problems Disclaimer: GRE is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Services(ETS). ETS neither sponsors nor endorses this product or any of its content.