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What is a GUID? =========== A GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is a pseudo-random string consisting of 32 letters (A-F) / numbers (0-9) and 4 hyphens. The application area for GUIDs is manifold. For example, GUIDs can be used to uniquely identify objects, files, or documents. What is GUID generator? ================== The GUID generator is a program for generating GUIDs. Furthermore, it is possible to perform a syntactic check of strings, whether they meet the requirements of a GUID, ie the 8-4-4-4-12 format consisting of the allowed characters. Particularities ========== The GUID generator was developed with SWIFT specifically for macOS. As a result, it is optimally integrated into the system, offers optimum app feeling, best performance, requires minimal storage space and system-specific functionalities. Create GUID ========= The core functionality of this program is generating GUIDs. The GUIDs can be generated either in upper case letters or in lower case letters. Check GUID ========= To check the syntax of individual strings, they can be entered in the result text field. Valid strings are colored in green, invalid strings with red color. Interoperability =========== The exchange with other applications is possible via the device's own clipboard (copy and paste) as well as via sharing functionality of macOS. Summary of functions ================ - Generate GUID - Check string for GUID-syntax - Copy - Paste - Sharing - Convert to upper case - Convert to lower case