Guitar Notes Finder & Trainer

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Learn how to read sheet music for guitar or improve your music-reading skills using this app just a few minutes a day ! The app has 2 modes: 1. Notes Explorer 2. Notes Trainer The “Note Explorer” lets you find the music notes on a guitar fretboard in an interactive way! When you point to a note on a virtual page, GuitarNotesFinder will show you where this note is on a guitar, and the other way around: if you click on a guitar, you will see the corresponding note and hear the sound it makes. The “Note Trainer” shows you the frets and asks you to find the corresponding notes. It evaluates your results to show you your successes and challenges, so you can measure your progress in sight reading and see when you exceed your latest personal best. Here are the additional reasons why you should buy this App: 1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface; 2. Full guitar note range with authentic sounds; 3. Built-in notations, standard (A, B, C) as well as solfeggio (do, re, mi). 4. Treble clef and bass clef modes include flats and sharps; 5. Sound for every note being played; 6. You can tune your guitar using the string sounds on the Note Explorer page; 7. Your total training time is displayed; 8. In settings you can set the notation type, the volume, and the range for training; 9. Retina display supported.