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Build and fully customize your own guns. Discover the endless combination possibilities. Imagine being able to build your very own gun and firing it. Gun Builder lets you do that and more. Assemble your guns from scratch with the huge library of gun parts and accessories. Engrave words like your name or something meaningful to further personalize your gun. Take your gun out to the firing range. Marvel at the performance of your own gun or go back to the workshop for tweaking. Realistic animations and true to life sounds for all variations of guns and accessories reacting to how you have built it. Fill up your gun rack with your personal collection of customized guns. FEATURES: --------- • Thousands of different gun variations and modifications. • Huge collection of accessories. • Engrave words on your gun. • Your very own gun rack to save your custom guns. • Shooting range. • Various colors for parts. • Realistic animations and sounds for all gun variations and accessories.