Gym Ball Workouts 2016

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The Gym Ball or Stability Ball is a great and simple piece of fitness equipment that can be used in many many ways. This collection of 150 training videos will carefully guide you along the way. Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts will be familiar with the Gym Ball as it can easily be used at home as well as the gym. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Videos include Ab workout Abs Belly Fat Stomach ExercisesFull Length 13-Minute Stability Ball Abs Workout Exercise Exercise Ball Free Full Length Workout Video -- Stability Ball Sculpt Stability Ball Abs Core Workout -- On the Ball 20-Minute Core Stretching Routine Aerobics Cardio Exercise Full Length 30-Minute Workout Video Cardio Ball Blast Full Exercise Workout at Home for Women Cardio Exercise No Jumping 45-Minute Cardio Ball Ballet XHIT Washboard Abs XHIT Beach Body Builder Workout XHIT Carrie Underwood Legs Workout XHIT Legs and Abs Workout SparkPeople Stability Ball Workout Upper Body Workout with Stability Ball The Most Fun Abs Exercises You Can Do with a Ball The Best Beginners Abs Workout with Stability Ball Best Total Lower Body Workout with Stability Ball The Best Butt Workout with a Stability Ball Denise Austin Core Upper Body Strength Workout Bombastic Booty Pilates Workout on the Ball Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho Hot in a Hurry Workout A-List Look With Valerie Waters Denise Austin Pilates Standing Legs Butt Workout Denise Austin Core Strength Workout- Total Body Challenge Swiss Ball Workout Beginners with San Leandro Personal Trainer Swiss Ball Workout Intermediate with San Leandro Personal Trainer Full Body Workout How to Burn 100 Calories Using a Stability Ball Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Basics Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Upper Body Preview Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Lower Body Preview 1 Intro to Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Series 2 Swiss Ball Crunch 3 Swiss Ball Straight Leg Bridge 4 Swiss Ball Side Crunch 5 Swiss Ball Torso Twist 6 Swiss Ball Back Extension 7 Swiss Ball Roll Out 8 Swiss Ball Alternating Superman 9 Swiss Ball Knee Tuck 10 Swiss Ball Spinal Twist 11 Swiss Ball Sizing 12 Swiss Ball Pelvic Tilt 13 Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl 14 Swiss Ball Quad Extension 15 Swiss Ball Push Up 16 Swiss Ball Lateral Pull 17 Swiss Ball Bicep Curl 18 Swiss Ball Tricep Extension 19 Swiss Ball Calf Raise 20 Swiss Ball Leg Lifts 21 Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch 22 Swiss Ball Reverse Extension 23 Swiss Ball Bent Knee Bridge 24 Swiss Ball Pike Press 25 Swiss Ball Prone Torso Twist 26 Swiss Ball Supine Lateral Roll 27 Swiss Ball Ab Stretch SparkPeople Stability Ball Workout Abs Upper Body Workout on Fitness Ball Training w Tammy KILLER ABS - Stability ball workout Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Side Squat With Leg Extension Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Obliques Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Preacher Curl Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Triceps Kick Back Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Side Leg Raise Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Wide Row BEST SIXPACK exercise swisball rollouts Top Ten Stability Ball Exercises by wwwgetfitsourcecom Ab exercises for sculpting on the stability ball SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp Day 7 Tummy Toning Workout SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp Day 3 Upper Body Workout SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp Day 5 Hips and Thighs Workout SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp Day 6 Arms Back Workout 14 Exercise Ball Workouts Hand to Foot Stability Ball Passes Stability Ball Workout For Your Abs Strength Training Fit How To Nina Dobrevs Ab Workout Celebrity Workout Get The Bod Ladys Gym - Fitball 2 100 Abs Exercises on the Ball and more