H265 Studio Lite

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H265 Studio Lite makes video files 50% smaller than MPEG4, with the same or higher quality. Thanks to new H.265 / HEVC compression technology, you can now get better video quality using less disk space. You choose the video size and quality you prefer. Open common video formats such as mpeg4, mpeg, MP2, Avi, 3gp, and many others and convert them to highly efficient H.265 videos with one click. Professional formats such as MXF, RAW and XAVC can also be converted. And H265 Studio can process multiple videos at once with the batch-conversion option. Reliably and fast. Preview videos in the app. Optionally, a HTML5 webpage is automatically created with every video conversion. No hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo is needed. You can host the file on your own webserver. Create videos with tiny file sizes with amazingly efficient compression.