Hairdressing Salon Manager

OS X 10.9.0
Hairdressing Salon Manager is an easy and intuitive software for the management of hairdressing salons, hairdressers or hairstyles shops. The program provides various work environments with which you can monitor every aspect of your business, that is everything related to its customers, suppliers, appointments, treatments provided, products sold and receipts or invoices issued . The customer module keeps track of the personal data of the people you use at your salon together with the history of the treatments provided and the payments made and pending. The supplier database serves to track not only the personal data of its suppliers but also the items that are usually purchased by each of them. In each card it is possible to indicate the data of the supplier company, the name of a contact person, the bank details of each supplier, the methods of transporting the goods, the discounts and the methods of payment. The appointment planner allows you to monitor daily, monthly or annual deadlines and appointments of any kind and to be notified when the date arrives. The products module allows you to make the cataloging of items, such as shampoos, creams and lotions, purchased for your salon. In the sheet of each product you must indicate the name of the item, the way of use, the usual suppliers of the product, stocks, price and alarm for minimum level. A useful function to allow you to know what are the products under escort, and be able to send an email to the supplier to order them again. The completion of the receipt or invoice is facilitated by the ability to import customer data can be imported from the db of the application, while those of your company are automatically saved at the end of the work screen. It is possible to use a customized logo to appear in the document and you can determine from which number to start the automatic numbering of receipts or invoices. The calculation of the invoice total is automatic.