Halloween: Trick or Treat 2 – Hidden Object Adventure

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Are you ready for a spooky Halloween Hidden Object Adventure? It’s Halloween and Mike and Emma are eagerly looking forward to a night of trick or treating. To get into the Halloween spirit they need decorate their house with homemade Jack o Lanterns and spooky Halloween decorations. Then it’s time to get into their outfits and then the fun can really begin as they head out on a hidden object adventure around their home town. A spooky seek and find adventure game around Springfield awaits, visiting picturesque locations that are all set for a night of trick or treating. The haunted hotel and the abandoned museum should supply more than a fright or two and all their neighbors’ porches are beautifully decorated in the Halloween theme. Can you find the hidden objects in the scary scenes? Can you take a fright or two? If so then this game is just what you need to get you in the Halloween spirit. Enjoy the season of Halloween with trick or treating with Mike and Emma in this family fun hidden object seek and find adventure game around a small American town. • Are you ready to spook or be spooked! • A fantastically enjoyable hidden object adventure game for all the family • A game packed full of the spooky holiday spirit • Gloriously decorated festive locations packed full of hidden objects • Challenging Halloween themed puzzles and mini games to test you • Watch out for the ghosts and ghouls • Can you find all the golden pumpkins in every scene? • Find all the spooky silhouette Halloween decorations for extra rewards • Can you collect all the achievements and be a top trick or treater?