Happy Nonogram

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Happy Nonogram is a paint by numbers puzzle, also known as Griddler and many other names. Contains: - 11 puzzles 5 x 5 pixels - 14 puzzles that are 15 x 15 pixels - 14 puzzles that are 25 x 25 pixels - 7 puzzles that are 50x50 pixels - 8 Easter themed puzzles in different sizes - 15 Xmas themed puzzles in different sizes - When completed an image appears over the puzzle - Pick a random puzzle or select by name - The puzzles can be re-sized and moved on the screen - The puzzles can be re-positioned and locked on the screen - Larger puzzles have numbers on all sides - Help section with simple guide of how to play - Option to show stats for current game - Guide bars that can be turned on or off for visual aids - No popup advertising - No in game purchases needed - No registration needed - No internet connection needed Recommended for everyone that likes to play puzzles. If you like this app or have any comments or suggestions please review it and leave us a note. Hope you enjoy it :)