Happy Slots

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How can you miss this opportunity to have great fun with the currently hottest happy slots game—-Slots? Slots is absolutely an artwork with animated visual effects and distinctive sound effects. More gold, more chances to meet the beautiful mermaid. Our slogan is: big bet, win BIG! Why not play with your friends to win gold and enjoy your lives together? Now, it’s your lucky day! Download this incomparable sea-themed happy slots game—-Slots and play. Make your life enjoyable and win BIG! The unique features players absolutely love: *Have great fun that you have never experienced. *Sea-themed happy slots with high quality graphics and sound effects. *Rare opportunity to encounter your mermaid. *$200 gold will be automatically sent every 24 hours if your gold is less than $200! *15 levels, Spin up to 15 lines at a time. In a word, BIG bet, BIG win! *Win Double mode to win BIG! *Practice your slots skills just like you’re in Las Vegas. *Win more gold than other in slots games! *Play with your friends to win gold and enjoy your lives together! Click the SPIN button to animate the reel with a startup gold of $200. If the there’re more than 2 same symbols in the line then the spin is a winning one. One line in the first level. Number of lines will change based on the level the player was in and there’s 15 lines at most. Big bet to increase chances of winning. Go to store to buy the gold when the gold aren’t enough. The more coins you have in the store the better chance you will win the game.