Haste – Quick web search

OS X 10.11
Haste accelerates your daily web search, saving you valuable time. Haste can save you time especially if you: - search the web frequently - do searches on specific websites - do searches with specific configurations How to Use: 1. Double-hit the command key to open the Haste Search Window anytime, anywhere. 2. Enter your search text and select a Custom Search to open the results page in the web browser. You can select a Custom Search you want much faster with preassigned Hotkeys. Autofill the Search Field: Copy text into the clipboard and open the Search Window within 5 seconds. The text will be in the search field. If you have enabled the Haste Safari Extension, just select text in Safari and open the Search Window. Main Features: * Search the web faster with fewer steps * Add/Remove/Edit/Share Custom Searches * Autofill the search field with selected text in Safari (When the Haste Safari Extension is enabled) * Search text suggestions * Search history * Sync Custom Searches across different Macs * Works with Safari / Chrome / Firefox / Brave Free/Unlimited Versions: You can enable an unlimited number of Custom Searches within your 14-day trial period. After the trial period, you will still be able to use up to 5 Custom Searches at the same time for free. By upgrading to the Unlimited Version via in-app purchase, you will be able to enable an unlimited number of Custom Searches again.