HD Cleaner – Free up Disk Space on your Hard Drive

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Remove gigabytes from your hard drive in just one click. HD Cleaner helps you get rid of those useless files so you can have more room on your hard drive. Scan your home folder and free up your hard drive space for the important things. Features Include: ◆ Overview Graph: visualize how much space you have available and how much you can clean up. ◆ Quick Access: quickly access and learn more about what files you'll be deleting. ◆ Customization: Pick what you want to delete based on your needs. ◆ Quick Cleanup: It only takes one button to free up gigabytes of space! Remove everything all at once: ◆ Downloads ◆ Caches ◆ Logs ◆ Trash ◆ Browser History and Cookies ◆ Mail Downloads ◆ iOS Updates ◆ Large Files (Over 100MB) HD Cleaner is the easiest way to clean up your hard drive. Download it now!