HDR projects 4

OS X 10.6.0
The latest stage of the HDR technology This is magic. Start with complete light information. Once you have seen HDR images, normal images will just seem boring. HDR projects 4 enables you to generate very precise lighting situations that are not possible with “normal” photography or photo editing. The newest process for super realistic images with unbeatable contrast and detail that you have never seen before! NEW and Exclusive: Ultra HDR for photos that are even more impressive NEW and Innovative: Sensitive selective photo editing HDR photography reigns world wide as the only photography technique that really captures all image information. No camera sensor in the world can keep up with HDR – it is and remains a physical fact! THE KEY: Just seconds after uploading your original image, HDR projects 4 presents you with 82 versions of your photo. That’s 82 ideas, 82 tips, 82 sources of Inspiration… Every image is individually analysed and with the best possible effects, no example is like any other.