Head To Toe Learn Body Parts

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Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer http://goo.gl/EcMC8 First few lessons for a growing baby are to respond to questions about its various body parts. As a parent, or a teacher or childcare member, you would be able to teach the babies with this interactive application. This educational application teaches young minds by showing animated character teaching body parts. It is not just fun to learn but it is very interactive. It’s the right time to learn their body parts before they could start with anything else. Your baby can play and interact with our application to recognize their own body parts. The smart cartoon characters, easy to use operations, feather touch clicks, melodious voice instructions and soothing music grab the attention of the babies quickly. It is primarily focused to entertain kids and in the process they learn the basics too.! Features: •It’s a fun application, learn while you play •It’s not force feed to kids, instead it is a fun activity •Interactive characters will guide and appreciate the correct moves •Soothing music and graphics