Health Ark for Microsoft Band

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Health Ark pulls your Microsoft Band health and fitness data from the cloud and stores it securely on your Mac. ***LIMITED TIME LAUNCH SALE*** With Health Ark, you can: - View your Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health data and insights with clear and simple charts from a convenient starting point: your Mac. - Access historical health and fitness data anytime, anywhere, online or offline. - Analyze vital insights about your health in a simple digital environment without the clutter of most online websites. - Monitor your progress with the first desktop fitness dashboard. Health Ark for Microsoft Band brings your closer to your data: - Home: View daily highlights including sleep history, activity summary and heart health. - Heart: Monitor heart BPM and histogram. - Energy: Analyze your calories, sleep trends and complete energy flow. - Steps: Track your active hours and daily steps goals with precision. - Activities: See your full activity data in one place. - Sleep: Compare and optimize your nightly sleep patterns. Own your health. Take back your data with Health Ark for Microsoft Band.