Hearts by Dodofox

OS X 10.11
Select 3 of the 9 players to play against. Players have different playing styles and talk, saying different things. Playing options include classic Hearts rules where the opening lead is the two of Clubs, hearts count as 1 point and the Queen of Spades is 13 points. Shooting the Moon adds 26 points to the other players. Optionally, the Jack of Diamonds is -10 points and taking no tricks is -3 points. The Twanger option resets any score at the end of each hand that is a multiple of 25 (including 0) to the average of the remaining high and low scores. The Magic Number, selected at random, counts as a Twanger hit and also carries a 10 point assessment, called an Asterisk, at the end of the game. Asterisks also are assessed for looking at the Kitty when you are not supposed to and for leading a Heart before Hearts have been broken. Only the player winning the first Heart may look at the Kitty. The Jack of Diamonds, no tricks, Twangers, Magic Number, Kitty, and Asterisks all are options that can be chosen by the user.