Heavy Rotation for iTunes

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*** Introductory price, offer for a limited time only *** Heavy Rotation provides you with a quick and easy way to access all the tracks you are currently playing the most in iTunes. With just one click on the menu bar, you can start playing a song of your current heavy rotation list. So you don‘t need to suspend your current work by switching to another window, just to start one of your favorite tracks. Heavy Rotation automatically determines your favorite songs by analyzing which tracks you are currently playing the most in iTunes. There is no need for a awkward configuration before you can start using the App. Additionally, if you are using Heavy Rotation over a longer period of time, the App becomes your music diary. With the song calendar you can see at a glance, which songs accompanied you during last summer or which tracks you were repeatedly playing during last winter. With Heavy Rotation it is easy and fun to end the year with all the tracks you played the most. The features of the App at a glance: • Quick and easy access to 30 tracks you are currently playing the most • Favorite songs are identified automatically (no configuration needed) • Organize your favorite songs in different time periods (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, year and season) • Search your iTunes Library for songs (by album, artist or album) • Control iTunes volume from within Heavy Rotation • Easily mange your song lyrics from within Heavy Rotation • Control the current playing position from within Heavy Rotation • Create iTunes playlists from your Heavy Rotation list • See what is currently playing in iTunes with just one click to the menu bar • Control iTunes from within the App with just one click on the menu bar (previous track, next track, stop play and rate songs) • Show what song just started playing in iTunes using Growl notifications (if configured) • Optionally run the App without a dock icon (no space wasted on your dock) Note: In the current version Heavy Rotation will only analize songs you are playing in iTunes while the App is running. Tracks you are listening to on your iOS device or tracks you start in iTunes while the App is not running, won‘t be recognized.