HEdictionary English Chinese

OS X 10.9
HEdictionary English Chinese is a superlative dictionary not only for Chinese to learn English but also for English to learn Chinese. The comprehensive dictionary contains 4 built-in dictionaries and two famous Chinese web dictionaries – Dict.cn and Google. MAIN FEATURES: ► Smart Searching • Fast and effective with the powerful algorithm • Search by Pinyin and ABC • Gather definition from other dictionaries by one search • One tap to lookup word in the definition screen • Auto detect keyword and lookup word in appropriate dictionary • Spell-check for English keywords • Wildcard and Anagram search • Phonetic search (sound-like searching, English only) ► Comprehensive contents • Built-in dictionaries: - Support both traditional and simplified - English Chinese with 79,000 entries - Chinese English with 81,000 entries - WordNet 3.0: 200,000 entries, 3.5 million words and 1.7 million links - Thesaurus with 20,000 entries • Web dictionaries: - Dict.CN English Chinese dictionary - Google English Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) dictionary • Built-in Audio pronunciation for English keywords ► Useful functions • "Word of The Day" • Favorite list • History list • Notes for learning words ► Note: The dictionary does not required an internet connection except to view web dictionaries. ----- HEdictionary英汉字典是一个极致,不仅为中国学习英语,但也为英语学习中文。综合词典包含4个内置的字典和词典两个著名的中文网站 - Dict.cn和谷歌。 主要特点: ►智能搜索 •快速,强大的算法有效 •搜索的拼音和美国广播公司 •收集来自其他字典定义一个搜索 •一个水龙头要查找的字中的定义屏幕 •自动检测关键字查找在适当的词词典 •拼写检查英文关键字 •搜索通配符和Anagram ►综合内容 •内置词典: - 支持繁体和简体 - 英汉有79,000项 - 中国英语81,000项 - WordNet的3.0: 200000项,3.5万字和1.7万个链接 - 叙词表20000项 •网络词典: - Dict.CN英语中文字典 - 谷歌英语中文(简体和繁体)字典 •内置的音频英语发音的关键字 ►►► New & Noteworthy - iPad app HiCalc HD PRO for iPad is an ultimate calculator now combining 10 calculators in one: Scientific, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Date - Time, Constants, Tip calculator and NEW modules - Equation Solver, Statistics, Base conversion & Graph. HiCalc HD PRO will make all your calculations become simpler than ever.