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Herb Tracker lets you model and organize your gardens, plant your herbs, and then track your gardens' progress, including days to harvest, days since watered, and days since last fertilized. IMPORTANT NOTES: - Only 19 herbs are pre-loaded in the app - The background colors of the squares are based on the Strain Type of the herb. *** Please visit our website for more information about adding plants and colors for strains *** To plant your herbs, click and drag on the squares in your garden grid, right-click and press "Plant", and then select an herb and click on the "Plant Seed" or "Plant Seedling" button. To add plants, click the "Window" menu and then "Plants". Herb Tracker is great for indoor growers of herbs because it lets you move herbs between rooms. For example, if you have herbs you want to move from a "Vegetative" garden to a "Flower" garden, you simply select the squares, right-click in the garden and click "Move out", then right click in the garden you want to move them to and click "Move in"." Useful Features: * Create gardens with up to 50 rows and 50 columns each * Fill in your garden grid by choosing from plants that you added * Track vital garden statistics including days to harvest, days since watered and days since fertilized. * Keep notes on your gardens, log actual harvest date, and update your garden through the season. * Backup your gardens * Print your gardens * And much more!