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2019 NEW FEATURES Location tree - Census- Custom reports - Summaries upgraded - New maps by OpenStreetMap® - FamilySearch upgraded - XXL family optimized - Managing your installationsCENSUS: It's a new input grid adapted to population censuses and fully customizable. Dive into your ancestors’ everyday life: household composition, occupation and status of each family member, nationality, home address, and even, at times, detailed data on their religion...Heredis helps you create new persons as well as the links between them.CUSTOM REPORTS: edit fully-customizable reports and export them to Microsoft® Excel or CSV format, even directly from Smart Search. 4 models are available: Ancestors, Descendants, Persons, and Events Those reports are fully customizable. Select and format the data you wish to include in your report and save your own custom report to be able to go back to it at a later time. Leave several reports open at the same time and work simultaneously on your genealogy: your reports will be updated all along, based on the information you are adding to your tree.LOCATION TREE: in the Ancestors tab, discover the location of your roots thanks to our color-coded location tree. Display the birth cities, counties, states/provinces or countries of your ancestors. You can also print this view.IMPROVEMENTS: XXL FAMILY: you can add spouses or children to the primary person. Display an additional generation of descendants: great-grandchildren. Hide or display silhouettes and media.SUMMARIES: the preferred picture is now displayed in the individual summary. Foldable panels allow you to customize and save your display options so that only useful data is visible.MAPS: new maps by OpenStreetMap® are displayed under every tab. You can modify the map background, display/hide the mini-map under the Migrations tab, and easily move around. Heredis will display the outline of cities, when available. The Migrations feature now allows a dynamic and unlimited numbering of events displayed, no more limited to 25.FAMILYSEARCH: display the modifications history of the person linked to the primary person. SIZE OF NOTES: you can manage the default size for all notes (Heredis 2019 menu > Preferences > Format).CORRECTIONS: our developers have been very attentive to your feedback on the various bugs you may have experienced. Numerous corrections have been made on the 2019 version! This version has been widely optimized and solves a few slowness issues, among other improvements.Heredis also exists for your PC, iPad, iPhone and others. GEDCOM compatible files. English version only.