HFRVSM Remote View Software

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The Honeywell HFRVSM Remote View Software application will allow users to connect to their Fusion or HRDP H.264 to view live video, search recorded video and control PTZ cameras from the simple interface of the Mac. Supported Products: Supported Products: HRDP Rev A (v1.0.1.86 and later) HRDP Rev B (v1.0.0.49 and later) HRDPX (v1.0.0.36 and later) HRDPH (v3.0.1.10 and later) HRDPHX (v1.0.0.14 and later) Fusion 4 Rev A and B (v4.50.10808 and later) MINIMUM MAC REQUIREMENTS: Mac computer with an Intel processor Snow Leopard 10.6 or greater 1 GB of memory (RAM) Internet connection 512K or greater FEATURES: Live Video Monitoring PTZ Control Search Save Snapshots Connect to one recorder at a time View video from one recorder at a time