Hidden Stories Collection

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Go through the gate to the unknown magical land or follow Coyote and Caesar and their adventures. Go through stunning landscapes, wild magic nature or mysterious buildings on the Wild West. You will find it all in our new hidden object game -Hidden Stories Collection. Enjoy searching for items in colorful exotic locations. Explore the world of hidden mysteries of explored lands, resolve all quests and find your way to their secrets. Different game modes, cleverly hidden objects and increasing difficulty will make your adventure nice, relaxing and challenging. Game features: - Hidden object games collection. - Two adventure stories - Over 60 hidden object scenes - 31 unique locations - Over 1500 objects hidden in the game - Three different play modes: Picture, Silhouette, Word - Zoomable scenes - Scrollable panel with objects to find - New visual effects, HD quality of graphics - Amazing sound effects - Climatic music closely related with the theme of the game