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Highland 2 is a better way to write. We’ve taken the tools we built for writing screenplays and made them work for almost every kind of document you write. From novels to blog posts and school reports, Highland’s clean design and innovative tools help you focus on words, not formatting. “Highland is just a cleaner, purer way to be creative. My mind is calmer and less cluttered when I use it because I can write prose so easily and jump to dialogue when that’s more intuitive.” — Phil Lord, Writer/Director of The Lego Movie, 21 & 22 Jump Street "You won't find a better app for getting your writing done than Highland 2." — Jeffery Battersby, iMore . . . . . . . . F O C U S . . . . . . . . More Power. Less Distraction. Highland handles formatting automatically, so you can spend your time finding the perfect word, not the right menu command. You’ll love working in an editor designed for writing, not mimicking a printed page. When you want to see the layout, quickly toggle between your text and a preview of the finished document. With one click, Highland turns your words into a perfectly-formatted document ready to print or export. . . . . . . . . F E A T U R E S . . . . . . . . Created by screenwriter and novelist John August, Highland 2 is built by writers, for writers. - The Navigator. (NEW!) Get an overview of what you’ve written -- and what’s left to write. - Templates. (NEW!) Switch between Highland’s 10 PDF templates including Screenplay, Multi-Cam and Manuscript. - The Bin. (NEW!) A magical shelf to hold little bits of text you want to keep handy. - Scratchpad. (NEW!) Keep information or notes outside the document. A great place to store information and instructions for a writing partner or an editor. - Assets. (NEW!) A handy list of all the images and files imported into your document. - Themes. (NEW!) Go beyond Dark Mode, with 10 unique themes in a range of styles to suit any mood. - Sprints and Goals. (NEW!) Get more written with focused writing sessions. - Full screen mode. The ultimate distraction-free screenwriting experience. - In-line notes and synopses. Keep your notes right where you need them. - Syntax highlighting. Highland denotes sections, synopses, notes, and formatting beautifully. - Cheat sheets. Forget how to center something? The answer is a glance away. . . . . . . . . S C R E E N W R I T E R S . . . . . . . . - Live Margins. (NEW!) No more tabs. Characters, Parentheticals and Dialogue indent as you type. - Multi-Cam, Treatment and Comic Book. (NEW!) Templates for things beyond screenplays. - Character Highlighting. (NEW!) Works in both the Editor and export. - Gender Analysis. (NEW!) Check the male/female balance in your screenplay. - Smart Sections. Organize your script by acts and sequences, not scene headers. - Best-in-class PDF Melting. Screenplay PDFs are no longer frozen in carbonite. This was Highland’s breakout feature, and remains unmatched. . . . . . . . . A D V A N T A G E S . . . . . . . . Highland is built for today, and the future. - Speed. From scrolling to previews, Highland is blisteringly fast, using the latest Apple technologies. - Great typography. Highland features exceptional typography right out of the box. Writers shouldn’t have to look at ugly fonts. - Standards-leading. Created by the same team that helped forge the Fountain standard, Highland speaks Fountain and Markdown fluently. - Compatible. Highland is perfect for moving files between Fountain, Final Draft, and PDF formats. . . . . . . . . S U P P O R T . . . . . . . . Our in-app “Welcome to Highland” can walk you through many features. We also have an extensive FAQ, available both in-app and online: quoteunquoteapps.com/highland Send Feedback directly from the Help menu, or reach us online by email at support@quoteunquoteapps.com, or on Twitter @qapps