Hockey General Manager

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Manage your team to a Championship! Build through the draft, or through free agent signings and trades as your team competes in a 30-team league. Set your lines as you take control of coaching duties in addition to managerial duties. The goal of this game was to create a hockey management simulator for mobile devices that is fun to play, yet can be enjoyed for minutes at a time, or hours. The settings are simple enough so you can get started in seconds, simulate an entire season including off-season tasks in less than a minute, or take longer as you carefully manage your team's progress. One in-app purchase activates all features and removes ads. Features: - Pick from one of 30 random teams. - Use the randomized team rosters, or start with a league-wide draft. - Set your rotation, add/drop players, trade players, and draft rookies. - Get achievements for successful seasons, award wins, finals appearances, and championships. - Edit team and player names. - And more!