Hot Shots Hockey

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✫ ✫ ✫ THE #1 ARCADE HOCKEY GAME ✫ ✫ ✫ Put on your pads and get your coins ready because classic arcade hockey has arrived on the Mac App Store! It's time to play Hot Shots Hockey! It's a race against the clock to make slapshots and score as many points as you can! Before you can score a goal and win the game you'll have to get by AppHappy's ALL-PRO goalie! Designed to simulate an arcade hockey game, Hot Shots Hockey has real-life physics, high definition graphics, and arcade-style music that makes it the most exciting hockey game on the App Store! Just click and flick any of the pucks to shoot it at the net and hopefully avoid the goalie! Bounce shots off the walls and even off of other shots for advanced combos! Get in a rythem and score major points to best your own high score! HIGHLIGHT FEATURES ✫ Click and Flick to Shoot Mechanics ✫ ALL-PRO Goalie with varying difficulty! ✫ Full 3D Environment ✫ Real-life physics ✫ Full length music and voice overs!