Hour – World Clock

OS X 10.10
Hour, your popular and convenient free World Clock since 2012. THE BASICS • Quick Access from the menu bar. • Add or Delete any city, as many as you want. • Simply rearrange your cities by drag and drop. • Hour Lite display the Clock Face black or white background, following the night and day of the city. • Display AM/PM format or 24H format. • Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday information displayed. • Display an analog or digital Clock, in the menu bar. • Optionally display the current date, in the menu bar. • Theme light or dark as per your menu bar. • Retina display. ADVANCED FEATURES WITH IN-APP PURCHASE • Easily schedule meetings or calls with friends or collegues with the time travel slider. • Global Hotkey. • Rename the city as you want. • Fine tune time format per world clock. • Digital mode for your World Clocks. • Sunrise, Sunset information. • Time Offset information. • Transparency mode.