Housekeeping Book

OS X 10.9
There are many Housekeeping Book Apps available in the App Store. This Housekeeping Book offers all really necessary functions of a Housekeeping Book in an easy to use Interface. This makes managing your transactions as simple and time efficient as possible. Stop wasting time with functions you don't need to keep up with your personal finances. You can Import and Export your Transactions to any Application which supports the CSV File Format, like Numbers and Excel for example. For the import, you can choose the encoding and delimiter, because of this the Housekeeping Book even supports the import from other Operating Systems! IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS - Userinterface reduced to the absolute necessary functions - All your transactions on one screen - Templates for reoccurring transactions - No time consuming Dialogs - Reports as PDF and on Paper from your Printer - CSV Im- and Export - Graphical statistics - No registration - No In-App-Purchase - NEVER! ONGOING DEVELOPMENT AND UPDATES Housekeeping Book will be constantly improved FAST SUPPORT A fast, uncomplicated and friendly support is our promise.