How Fennec Fox Built a Home

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Discover an original story about little Fennec Fox and his adventures in the autumn Forest! This is the interactive book both kids and their parents will love! The book is free and has no Ads! But we would appreciate a small donation! *** One summer, a new tenant came into the forest. It was the Fennec Fox. Every day he frolicked and played with his friends. Thus, warm summer has passed, and rainy autumn came. Frosty winter was coming... But, our Fennec Fox has grown up in a hot desert, and does not know what to do! Help him to get prepared for the cold winter, make new friends, and learn foxes secrets! Inside you’ll find: • original adventure story on 11 colorful scenes with 4K retina graphics • new Fennec Fox’s friends • minigames and puzzles • professional voice over Portuguese translation by Lorena Haddad Spanish translation by Ruth Blanco and Sergio Lorenzo *** Like our Fennec Fox? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and VK!